(Ruvimbo) Solo album June 2024

After an eight year hiatus, Anna has returned to the studio – this time to record her first solo album. Honouring the rich ancestral traditions of her Shona forebears through the ancient instrumentation of the Mbira, ngoma and lyrical ululation, Anna recontextualizes modern themes of climate change, migration, identity and women and girls roles in society.

Anna says “I feel ready to share these songs with the wider public and I want to continue to use my voice to address issues affecting us today. This album is about our history, our ancestors, where we are now, our future and our legacy”.

Produced in partnership with long time collaborator, John Vigar from Tontena Music with whom Anna has worked since 2015, the album embraces a new stripped back sound that brings her haunting vocals and sacred and celebratory rhythmic phrasing to the fore. It’s an ode to her many mentors including the legendary Thomas Mapfumo and Stella Chiweshe, who used the tool of music to champion the cause of liberation and Zimbabwean independence and whom she credits for making her the musician she is today.

Due for release in June 2024, the album will be available from Tontena Music here

Over the years Anna has produced five albums, Babasimba, Hamunyare, Svikiro, Zvachose at purple studios Norwich. A single, EP and album through her current record label Tontena Music

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