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Tambai Promotions – An African Experience

Tambai Promotions, runs workshops and performances in African drumming for team building, corporate events, teacher training and conferences tailor-made to suit the needs of individual clients.

Our 4-piece Tambai Ensemble is also available for public performances.

Drumming for Corporate Team Building

Tambai Promotions provides training to companies who wish to develop creative and motivated teams. Our workshops facilitate great team-building and leadership skills, using a wide range of traditional African drums and instruments in programmes designed to motivate teamwork whilst learning as a group and supporting individual needs.

Workshops are led by Anna Mudeka – previous winner of ‘Most Influential Woman in Business and Government in Africa’. Her contributions are recognised internationally, having worked with organisation and businesses such as WOMAD, MOD, Standard Bank, Cure International, Action Aid, Turning Factor, TNP and Aztec Design. She has participated in Latitude Festival, performed at The Ambassadors Theatre with the RSC in the show Kunene and the King, appeared on Radio 4 Woman’s Hour and worked with high profile individuals such as golfer Gary Player and designer Rosemary Livingstone.

If you are looking for a unique experience to thank or motivate your team, drumming helps to develop listening skills, encourages team work and is a great way to de-stress, thus creating a happier workforce. Our workshops’ many benefits include more effective teamwork with immediate and positive changes.

If you are looking to empower, motivate and energise your team, why not allow them to experience the sounds, colours and flavours of Africa with Anna Mudeka.


Our highly talented Tambai Ensemble, is a 4-piece team of professional musicians who bring true African experiences to life through innovative shows of song and dance in Zulu, Swahili, Shona and West African rhythms. Their shows take a journey through the different cultures of Sub-Saharan Africa, including those of Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, South Africa, Guinea an Ivory Coast.

These performances provide a unique picture of the vibrance of Africa at its best. They are interactive and those who wish to participate are encouraged to do so.

Feedback and comments from previous clients

"Excellent team building - great interaction, obviously plenty of closed people initially, but at the end everyone was smiling. Good pace of learning and kept everyone interested, people always concerned they might get singled out (but judged audience well)
Fun and enjoyed the team work. Nice to have everyone together and work as a team, really enjoyed the drums and rhythm." Ceane

"Loved it, I feel so energised!" Daisy

"Fun, fun, fun, made me smile" Jane x

"Fun experience, really good entertainment to bring workers together, something new and unusual."

"I really enjoyed it, I don’t think I was quite in time but no-one could notice. Thank you very much, great fun." M

"I have enjoyed the moment, very relaxing and funny!"

"Great energy and enthusiasm from Anna, lost the rhythm a few times but put a big smile on my face and everyone in the room." David