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Wonderful feedback from the the tour so far!

It was an absolutely brilliant performance,I loved it!  It really spoke to me (and my Bantu DNA), it was so enlightening, inspiring and engaging.  I’ve had nothing but positive feedback from people I have spoken to. Birmingham We would love to have you back and also it would be good to explore with you and…

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Blog 4

Day 1: Started recording the soundtracks, rhythms and beats of Africa for Anna Mudeka’s new one-woman show: ‘Kure Kure’ – currently in progress: Day 2. Vocals and Djembe: Day 3: Mbira, vocals, more drumming and … Day 4: Vocals, sound effects and checking script … Here’s Anna Mudeka explaining the song ‘Echubeleke’ (‘It Goes On’)…

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Blog 3

Today I travelled to London to meet with fellow Zimbabwean and Art Director/Producer Simon Bright. He has produced a documentary film entitled Tides of Gold. This film is about the history of Africa and trading. It’s a powerful and insightful story which celebrates trading between Africa, India and China which goes back centuries. We met…

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