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The Mudeka Foundation

Anna is particularly proud of establishing The Mudeka Foundation in 2011 which supports orphans attending five schools in Zimbabwe, from reception age through to their A levels. The foundation has funded a number of significant improvements to the school’s infrastructure - from building a borehole and providing clean safe water, through to building classrooms, a common room for pupils and toilets. We have set up programmes that provide free school meals for 350 children every day and we are working on tackling period poverty.
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Tambai Community Projects

Community is at the heart of Tambai Community Projects fundraising through events, workshops and projects in Norfolk towns and cities. Such events aim to promote culture through music, food, crafts and workshops. Since 2001 Tambai Community Projects have organised and run projects including, ‘When Shaka Zulu met Hip Hop’, with young Black youth within Norfolk and music and dance workshops. Since 2008 Anna Mudeka and a strong team of some 30 volunteers have come together every year to organise Norfolk World Music Festival which aims to bring the beauty of world music to the heart of the Norfolk countryside. The festival takes place the last weekend of July each year with camping, workshops, two stages with live music, crafts, food stalls and many happy faces. The Mudeka Foundation has a stand at the festival and it runs the bar, car park and provides breakfasts to raise money for the orphans in Zimbabwe. To find out more about the festival please

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Sisters In Mbira

Anna Mudeka: vocals, mbira, ngoma, hosho, dance
Milli Chapanda: vocals, mbira, ngoma, hosho, storytelling
Anna Mudeka and Millicent Chapanda are two proud cultural artists with a vibrant mission to bring the lived experience of women in Zimbabwe onto international world music stages. In performance, although their music goes deep into ancient cultural heritages, it's clear that Anna and Milli are keen to sing out loud on gender issues & barriers affecting women the world over as well as in Zimbabwe, and this gives it a really exciting current edge. Above all, a Sisters in Mbira show is a celebration Shona-style that calls on those dancing ancestral spirits rising through the trance of mbira's cascading sounds, the pull of the voice and the insistent pulse of the Mbira, dance and ngoma drum.

Sisters in Mbira

Anna Mudeka music

Anna has recorded five albums, a PE and a single and has been working with Tontena Music since 2015 and her music can be purchased from

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Mudeka Tribe

At Mudeka Tribe we are dedicated to everyone who adores shoes, colour and comfort. The tribe have brought onto the market beautiful pumps in eight vibrant colours. Hand-made in a quiet corner of Norfolk by some of the last remaining shoemakers in the country, these gorgeous pumps are inspired by an African passion evolving for more than a decade.

Anna Mudeka is the name behind this new creation. Years of research and development have brought to market a product melding the love of her motherland Africa with that of her adopted county of Norfolk, where the product is made. Having been a dancer for more than 30 years, the wearing of heels brought on back pain. Her love for shoes led her to create pumps which mean you can still feel and look great - without the pain of uncomfortable shoes. These wonderful, colourful pumps will be a great addition to your wardrobe!

Mudeka Tribe is for women and girls who want to be remembered, not just noticed. The shoes are packed with vibrant colour - loud and happy. It’s time to leave that dull footwear in the wardrobe and let Mudeka Tribe pumps do the talking. Keep an eye out for a new range of head wraps this year.

Mudeka Tribe 2018-21

African choir

A new African Choir has launched in Norfolk and is looking for singers of all abilities to take part. The Hostry Festival African Choir will be led by Zimbabwean-British musician Ann Mudeka. This brand new project from the Hostry Festival aims to celebrate those from African descent living in Norfolk. The choir will perform at a Gala Concert at the Hostry Festival in October 2020. The Hostry Festival takes place every October in Norwich Cathedral and celebrates art, music and theatre from across the county.

Stash Kikbride, who produces the festival with Peter Barrow, said: “We have wanted to include choral singing in the festival for a number of years but, as with all our projects, we look for the original, the untapped, the undiscovered gems waiting to be unearthed. In Norfolk there is a wealth of African talent, but we felt there was space for a bespoke African Choir whose remit is to bring that amazing vibe to a wider audience.”

Anna Mudeka said: “I am very passionate about Africa and all her energy which I don’t doubt will show through when we take to the stage.”

Those interested in taking part can email Anna Mudeka at

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