Blog 3

Today I travelled to London to meet with fellow Zimbabwean and Art Director/Producer Simon Bright. He has produced a documentary film entitled Tides of Gold. This film is about the history of Africa and trading. It’s a powerful and insightful story which celebrates trading between Africa, India and China which goes back centuries. We met at Kings Cross station for lunch and discussed my show, Zimbabwe and other ways we might work together. He was very fascinated about the ancestors theme, and will share his uncut film with wonderful images of rural Zimbabwe for us to use as projections in the show.

I was beginning to feel crushed about having to start afresh on the other visuals after news from West Anglia College that my project didn’t fit in with their module anymore. I spoke to project manager and then to Springboard TV about my dilemma and they came to the rescue – phew! For a small cost Springboard TV and I will develop the projections with their work experience media students so filming starts tomorrow and I am pleased I will still be able to work in Kings Lynn.

I arrived at Kings Lynn College at 10am to film the mask dance with Springboard TV. We worked with students from the media course who helped with general set up, sound and image documentation and lighting. I told the students about the project, and found them very respectful and polite all the way – considering this was a culturally different kind of project to their usual day-to-day time spent at the college. After discussing with Scott and Richard filming began – we spent 2 hours filming me in different masks, coming from different angles. They were pleased to be using a state of the art new camera for the first time and the results were fantastic.

Today I spent time marking the numbers of the clips which I would like to use on the film Simon has sent me. It was quite laborious to keep going back and forth but I got there. I’ll be sending them to Simon this week so he can start forwarding the extracts across to Scott in accordance to the script.

As the project develops we are finding new aspects to add maximum impact to the show. Today Gideon and I did some filming at Norwich Market. I wore clothes as if I had just arrived from Zimbabwe. We were able to capture the vibrancy and the typical Saturday morning feel at the market. The response there was fun, traders were genuinely curious about what we were doing and what it was for, they asked we drop flyers off when the show tours and offered to help promote.

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