Kure Kure Blog 2

Bel and I started adding concepts of visual content to the script, I added more ideas and felt the script was ready to send out to Daisy, Project Manager and David, Director. I might need to consider working with a different choreographer because my original choice may not work out. I have contacted a choreographer in Cambridge but I feel I need to fight for my choices because there were good reasons behind selecting the 19 practitioners in the original project plan. Phew this is very challenging in places.

The most amazing thing happened today, Shaun, a fellow Zimbabwean and parent at my daughters school has just returned from Zimbabwe with a Nyunga Nyunga I had asked him to bring back. He asked me about my work and he revealed much more than I had bargained for. He can track his family all the way back to where the Bantu tribe began, I was staggered with the information he was giving me. He is a direct descendent not just of the Bantu Tribe but his lineage is of Kings, he knows the shrines where my people go to honor our ancestors, and why there is a constant flame that flickers over Harare city. He has agreed to look at our script, I will take it to school for him tomorrow. This show is about to get very exciting!

This morning I woke up to Daisy’s comments about the script, shortly followed by David’s. Having spent 6 days writing with Bel, my first reaction was ouch, we have put so much work into the script but I realised they were saying the same thing – both encouraging more drama and avoiding a history lecture or geography lesson. By the afternoon I saw their perspectives and my mind went into overdrive with ideas on how to make the show much stronger. I’ll be meeting Bel tomorrow and Friday to finalise the changes taking on board this feedback.

By the time the project finishes I feel I will have earned the equivalent of a degree in the performing arts with flying colours, maybe I should have done it as a degree. Everyday is bringing a different challenge and I’m overcoming them! I’m getting stronger each day finding strength, solutions, contacts and resources that I didn’t know I had.

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