Anna’s new project

It has been quite the build up to the beginning of the project – preparations started as soon as I heard the news I got the grant. The first meeting was at 9.30 Monday morning, in attendance was Belona (script writer) and David (director). I spoke for a good 3 hours and we started pulling together the shape of the script. We discussed the length of the show, what visual images and audio to include for the back projections and sound and a suggestion was made for all involved to write a paragraph for this blog.

I had the most vivid dream of my grandparents and aunties, we were in the village (Kumusha), we were all so happy. My ancestors present and happy with me, just the approval I needed!
I awoke to an email from Vicki (choreographer) today but decided to look at it after my meeting with Bel for the script writing. We worked on the first 15 minutes of the show, and when I got home I read the email from Vicki only to find she’s having trouble linking our dates as she is so busy. I must admit I hadn’t put a risk assessment down to deal with this kind of change in the project. I have learned for the future but for now I need to fight or flight.

Wednesday today, Ruth has been in to update the income and expenditure document and file invoices. This is her second week and she’s doing a great job in the office keeping the finances up to date! Today Bel and I cracked on with the script and discussed how we can develop the show as two thirty minute sets to allow audience to feedback and then create space to develop the show further into two forty-five minute sets. I emailed Simon Bright, he’d like to help with images for the visuals with West Anglia College. We’ve mapped out the first half of the show and have started to include how and where the visuals and sounds will come in.

I can’t believe how much has been achieved this week, I feel so much power from being challenged to think out of my comfort zone. So pleased to hear from Louise who is going to be supplying the oils to add to the show. The script will be sent to Daisy (project manager) next week to look through and feedback before Friday. I am pleased Bel has offered to tweak the document if it needs it once rehearsals have started.

David Farmer (Director) weekly contribution
I’m so excited to begin working on this project. Anna attended a workshop I ran several years ago and we have kept in touch ever since, especially bumping into each other (literally) at African music gigs.

Belona Greenwood (Script writer) Weekly contribution
It’s been a privilege to begin writing Anna’s story and vision this week. Time snaps past because the crafting of word and story and the building up of the layers of the script is so compelling. We have written an entire rough first draft of the entire show – I say we, but I am a facilitator, a word- smith a bit like a medieval scribe.

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