“If you have a pulse, you have the ability to feel a beat and respond to music be it dance, singing or drumming.The continent of Africa has given me so much and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to share this heritage with people from all walks of life around the world.”


Anna Mudeka is currently developing a one woman show for touring June/November 2019.

Kure Kure is a theatre piece in development, the show will be a collaboration of multi-genre, multisensory work including spoken word, projected visuals, fragrances, song, music and dance by Anna Mudeka and the associated professional artists and students. It will create an evocative sound, sight and smell experience.

The ideas behind this project include: Removing negative connotations associated with the word Ancestors / Exploring origins & identity / Addressing diaspora life including challenges & opportunities /Creating opportunities to discuss what it means to be part of the ancestral world. / Developing workshop packages for young people, increasing cultural pride & understanding of our past.

Access Anna’s blog and see how the show is developing!

You can still book Anna for African music and dance workshops and performances for January 2019 including prospective booking for the spring tour for Kure Kure.

If you would be interested in Kure Kure theatre information/ promo, videos and images please contact us from the end of November 2018?

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The music is at the core of The Mudeka Foundation which she set up two years ago. Anna combines her music to raise funds and help improve the education of orphans and disadvantaged children in her homeland of Zimbabwe.
She does this through the events that she organises for her charitable initiative: The Mudeka Foundation www.mudekafoundation.com www.southburghfestival.com
Anna’s music and vocal talents engage youngsters (and adults alike) all over the world, in conjunction with schools, festivals and communities. But – it’s at her lively stage performances where one can really experience the happy atmosphere her music creates – whatever the venue or the gig! Anna performs with her band The Anna Mudeka band and Tambai Ensemble.
She teaches singing, drumming and dance for all all organisations. Whether you are looking for team building, conferences, Christmas parties with a difference or for any of your educational needs then you will be in good hands.
Anna comes from a long family of musicians with her late grandmother as her first inspiration. She has studied music and has a teaching qualification from Norwich City College. Anna also studied business in 2001 through the Women’s Employment Enterprise and Training Unit funded by the European Union.