“If you have a pulse, you have the ability to feel a beat and respond to music be it dance, singing or drumming.The continent of Africa has given me so much and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to share this heritage with people from all walks of life around the world.”

Kure Kure 2020

KURE KURE/FARAWAY 2020, a theatre piece devised by Anna Mudeka and a team of associate artists.

Directed by David Farmer, produced by Arts La’Olam and co-commissioned by Norwich Arts Centre, the development of this show was funded by the Arts Council England and Norfolk Arts Services.

Please see the attached video and poster to give you a flavour of the show.

Reaching back to the Bantu migration some 5000 years ago from the Tanganyika and Baka tribal regions, Anna Mudeka takes audiences on an inspirational journey to modern-day Zimbabwe, London and Norfolk.

The show pays homage to great ancestors of Zimbabwe with a focus on Nehanda - the powerful female warrior who united the tribes and led the first Chimurenga war in 1896-7.

Anna tells stories from her childhood in a free Zimbabwe - about the influence of her grandmother and the difficult decision to leave and pursue her dream as an artist in the UK. Kure Kure/Faraway speaks of the challenges and opportunities of starting a new life in a different country.

Kure Kure/Faraway rings true to contemporary lives and tackles issues facing the world today, posing important questions around migration, cultural identity and changing belief systems.

Authentic live and recorded music permeates this thought provoking show as Anna showcases her traditional skills; haunting vocals, highly accomplished mbira playing, dancing and drumming accompanied by multi-media visuals.

“I am a proud Bantu, Munhu, Ubuntu - human being. My identity, my history, my ancestral beliefs, my DNA has made me who I am. I am everything and everyone who has lived before me!” Ideal for Refugee Week & Black History Months with additional workshops and discussion sessions for ages 11+ . Suitable for maximum audiences of 200 people at theatres, schools, village halls, community centres, universities, arts centres and festivals.

Kure Kure/Faraway has a crew of 3 people: artist, tour manager and stage manager. 

We look forward to hearing from you and bringing the show to your venue in 2020.

For more information please contact Arts La’Olam 07990 802 776 daisy@la-olam.com




The music is at the core of The Mudeka Foundation which she set up two years ago. Anna combines her music to raise funds and help improve the education of orphans and disadvantaged children in her homeland of Zimbabwe.
She does this through the events that she organises for her charitable initiative: The Mudeka Foundation www.mudekafoundation.com www.southburghfestival.com
Anna’s music and vocal talents engage youngsters (and adults alike) all over the world, in conjunction with schools, festivals and communities. But – it’s at her lively stage performances where one can really experience the happy atmosphere her music creates – whatever the venue or the gig! Anna performs with her band The Anna Mudeka band and Tambai Ensemble.
She teaches singing, drumming and dance for all all organisations. Whether you are looking for team building, conferences, Christmas parties with a difference or for any of your educational needs then you will be in good hands.
Anna comes from a long family of musicians with her late grandmother as her first inspiration. She has studied music and has a teaching qualification from Norwich City College. Anna also studied business in 2001 through the Women’s Employment Enterprise and Training Unit funded by the European Union.